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I was born and raised with humble beginnings in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Like many other Latinos, I was raised with a firm foundation in faith, close family values, and a strong work ethic. After years of my father’s attempts in a failing immigration system, my mother and I finally immigrated to the United States. It was a treacherous journey for a seven-year-old, but after all the legal processes and fines, I became a naturalized citizen.

Throughout my childhood, I was at the top of my class. I was active in sports and music and took a job in my mother’s hair salon after school. From a young age, the value of hard work and the importance of education were instilled deep in my values system. To this day, I am a firm believer in the American Dream, and I will always fight so that others can achieve what I have.

I started college on the non-traditional route. I started in technical school to earn my license as an aircraft mechanic. I understand the value that the private sector can bring to enhance the community as my employer paid for both my and my husband’s advanced degrees.

I started my career as an aircraft mechanic and was given the opportunity to excel in multiple roles. Now, I am a Senior Supply Chain Leader serving an extensive government portfolio across various states. I lead over 100 employees in the execution of materials, and I manage multiple million-dollar contracts. In previous roles, I was responsible for the operations of some of the most exclusive aircrafts. I am proud to have driven spending transparency and advocated to bring new professional work to San Antonio.

Within the community, I am also the co-founder of a local nonprofit with the mission to give students here in Bexar County access to education in aviation-based careers. We give students scholarships to help them pursue their career goals every year. I have also had the opportunity to serve as an airport commissioner for 6 years, supporting a growth-focused plan and I served on various education and non-profit boards to promote youth leadership opportunities.


My greatest pride though, is my family. My husband is a lifelong resident here in Precinct 1 and his family has lived in the Southside for three generations. We have been married for 11 years and have two beautiful children.

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Lina Prado